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who we are?

MJD NFT collection is comprised of 10,000 unique MJD NFTs that are hand drawn with pure love and passion. This collection is designed based on the valuable memories and prominent goals of Michael Jackson.
We undertook to create and present it with great elegance and glory

To honor great Michael, King of Pop
Follow great goals and dreams
Take NFTs to the next level
Bring real values into NFTs

For MJD community, we have considered great surprises and benefits.
Become a WhiteList member and enjoy


Phase one - 0%

  • Build ideas and community
  • Developing MJD mobile game (we will use it as a Scoring and awarding tool during our path)
  • Running social media accounts and website
  • Announcement of white list and partners (Whitelist has only 300 spots on this stage)
  • Exclusive Mint – WL exclusive access to mint

Phase two - 25%

  • The community wallet will be opened for a variety of things (for marketing, giveaways, and floor price raising)
  • Holding challenges and award prizes (Included NFTs and cash USD)
  • Limited Launch – A higher chance for WL to mint

Phase three - 50%

  • Great airdrop with unique high-quality MJD NFTs for WL
  • Challenges and rewards (Included NFTs and USD)
  • Distribution of 50% of royalties for current expenses, gifts, and partners.
  • Great Lunch – 5000 NFTs will be available for public sale

Phase four - 75%

  • Awarding white list members with one custom NFT by their choice to be minted.
  • Great airdrop with unique high-quality MJD NFTs
  • The first 12 hours royalties will be donated to our group’s selected children’s charities at 75% sold out.
  • Picking up 2 lucky winners from MJD white list. We will create a new/sub-NFT collection based on their character choice. Winners will be awarded 50% of new collection royalties for a lifetime.
  • Exclusive Launch

Phase five - 100%

  • All MJD GOLDEN HOLDERS will receive 10% of MJD ROYALTIES
  • The first 24 hours royalties will be donated to children’s charities (selected by members vote) at fully sold out.

Phase six - Post Sale

  • MJD white list will receive a real physical gold coin or its equal ETH value
  • Two winners can order their own fully customized NFT collections
  • We will hire a large team of good artists and we’ll use our experience to do something far greater ( for artists and NFT specialists).
  • Accept 200 NFT collection orders from MJD owners. Costs for these orders will be unbelievably low.
  • Our plans are not over
    The rest will be announced after the start of new NFT collections.


White List

  • 🔥There are only 300 WL Spots
  • 🔥10 WhiteList spots have LifeLong Royalties (from the first MINT)!
  • 🔥Whitelist members have a chance to mint 3 high-quality unique NFTs at a lower price than the public sale price.
  • 🔥WhiteList Mint Price = 0.05 ETH + gass fee
  • 🔥Public sale Price = 0.07 ETH + gass fee
  • 🔥Also there will be many exclusive benefits for White list members, such as cash prizes, airdrops, lifetime royalties, low costs NFT services (orders are open for creating your own collection and selling it!), and many more.
  • 🔥Don’t miss your chance to get Whitelisted and join the Michael Jackson Dream Society!

  • 📢WhiteList Entry tasks:
    *💎Follow MJDream Twitter
    *💎RT & Like WL tweet
    *💎Tag 3 friends under WL Twitt
    *💎Join MJDream Discord
    *💎Invite 2 friends to Discord
    *💎Attain Level 4 in Discord

  • 📢SINGLE TASKs (Becoming absolute/unconditional wl-member)
    *💎Create & publish a video for MJD NFT on Twitter (mention MJD and use its Hashtags) –At least 300 views/ Or At least 50 RT
    *💎Create & publish a video for MJD NFT on YouTube(mention MJD social or linktree address) –At least 400 views
  • 🎉Send us your activities screenshots, we will contact WL winners.
  • 🎉First 100 WhiteList members will be announced soon