Rare Creativities Games

Rare Creativities is an independent game development company composed of a team of young professionals. Which was originally known as Robo Studio.
We have been working professionally in the field of making mobile games since 2018. We have released many games for Android and iOS, and each has its fans.
In 2021, we managed to expand our business and established Rare Creativities Holding Company, so that we could enter more in the areas in which we specialize. Robo is now part of this holding and continues to operate more powerfully.
We are going to use the power of our parallel activities to improve the excitement of the games as well as additional rewards and benefits.

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Fun 2 3 4 player games

(Multiplayer Games offline)

2 player games

Fun multiplayer games offline

Match Number

Math Puzzle Game

Jelly Jump

Make Super Jump & Avoid Obstacles

Jelly Puzzle

shift jelly monsters & puzzle out!


coming soon

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